Foto Friendship 2016

In 2016 Foto Friendship was happy to welcome students from Cabramatta High School in Sydney for a second time. This time round students were linked with foto friends at Eskola Secundária Katólika Santa Madalena de Canossa in Dili.

Cabramatta High School in Sydney’s Western Suburbs first opened in 1958. It is a large school located within a multi-cultural community. Many of the students come from non-English speaking backgrounds and the school is proud of its tradition of language teaching. “At Cabramatta High School, students are our main concern. The school provides each student with a quality education, developing the talents and interests of all students, and helping them to participate as responsible members of society.”

Built in Dili in 1997, during the Indonesian occupation, Eskola Secundária Katólika Santa Madalena de Canossa closed after the violence and destruction that followed the referendum to determine independence in 1999 and became a safe refuge for hundreds of the internally displaced population. The school reopened in 2001 and now has around 845 students.


In 2016 Anastácio Maderia de Araújo came on board as the Foto friendship facilitator in Timor-Leste. Anastácio was assisted by Tom Gutteres from the Gembel Art Collective. Here the students participated in a series of successful workshops where they developed their photographic skills. You and view some of the results in Gallery | group 5 on our galleries page.