Support Us

Foto Friendship is now seeking funds for our round of projects in 2017.

Foto Friendship is a volunteer-led initiative. The project would not be possible without the generosity of supporters. We would like to acknowledge previous support from Western Sydney University, JMD Design, Conscious Club and many family members and friends.

In 2017 Foto Friendship will continue to help students tell their stories through photography. We are now seeking sponsorship and/or donations to cover the following direct costs:

  • Salaries for local facilitators in Timor-Leste
  • Workshop costs in Timor-Leste
  • A donation for the participating school in Timor-Leste
  • Printing of photographs and participation certificates for all students
  • Venue hire, printing and catering costs for exhibitions in Timor-Leste and Australia
  • Donations of digital cameras in good working order are always welcome!

Please contact Tammy or Wendy for more information, or you can donate via bank transfer our details are:

Account Name: Foto Friendship | Bank: Westpac Bondi Junction | SWIFT Code: WPACAU2S | BSB Number: 032-051 | Account Number: 766512


A big thank you to all our supporters so far (in no particular order!):

Western Sydney University, The Conscious Club, JMD Design, Marie Bechara, Lurdes Pires, Luigi Acquisto, Stella Zammataro, Bety Reis, Gaspar Sarmento, Evangelina Soares Gama, Petra Wildgrube, Rey Carlson, Oliver Strewe, Silvia Martinez, Jacki Krahmalov, Anne Delaney, Liz Roxburgh, Carol Chandler, Paul Delaney, Ingrid Mather, Nigel Christensen, Belinda White, Bridget Jones, Annie Barnett, Jonathan Zwartz, Karen Schwartz, Anne Manolas, Terry Pienkosz, Belinda White, James Delaney, Rebekah Delaney, Jeremy Rorke, Myra Gurney, Jane Castle, Bronwyn Morgan, Maija Rove, Dina Burnstock, Angela McLean, Nomi Burnstock, Tosca Dasent, Pieter Aquilia , Sally Zwartz, Maureen Miller, Lile Judickas , Vladimira Marsden, Susanne Godman, Carmel MacLeod, Sarah Waterson, Kate Stone, Lisa Chandler, Larissa Lewis, Janet Saunders, Robyn Stacey, David Cubby, Scott Mackinnon, Bruce Butler , Susan MacDonald, Anton James, Claire Henderson, Susan Ambler, Lisa Powell, Kelly Robinson, Anna Hayward, Colleen Row, Paula Benson, Paige Livingston, Miri Hirschfeld, Raine Jackson, Gabi Wynhausen, Patrick de Teliga, Paul Delaney, Deborah Boerne, Maria Chilcott, Margaret Wright, Mary Waterford, Gabriel Kirby, Shelia Quonoey, Marilyn Frost , Sarah Waterson, Janet Saunders, Alison Gill and the students and staff from Annandale Public School, Winmalee High School, Cabramatta High School, Eskola Katólika Sagrado Coração De Jesus, Eskola Secundária Katólika Nain Feto Ramelau, Eskola Secundária Katólika Santa Madalena de Canossa and Eskola Cristal.