Hello from Winmalee High School June 2015

In June 2015 students at Winmalee High School began creating their own ‘foto stories’ in response to the stories from students at Eskola Secundária Katólika Nain Feto Ramelau, in Hato-Builico, Timor-Leste. Here students from Winmalee share thoughts on what the project means to them.

"Foto Friendship to me means knowledge. It allows me to see the lives of kids I would never have known through an incredibly interesting medium." Sam


"The experience of being involved with another culture so different to my own is incredibly humbling and eye opening." Laura


“Foto Friendship allows me to be in contact with people of my age group with different societal and cultural backgrounds.” Connor


“Foto Friendship allows me and my school to understand the lives of those in East Timor and how dramatically different they are.” Caleb


“I like expressing myself and showing people my life through photos… Seeing the photos from East Timor has been a real eye-opener.” Kat


"Foto Friendship gives me a sense of respect and a heart-felt feeling toward people with lives not as stable as ours.” Paris


"Foto Friendship is all about making a connection. The reason I am so excited about this project is because it will open my eyes to a completely different world.” Hannah


"Foto Friendship is a great way to connect with complete strangers… and to get to know someone with little words.” Bec


"Foto Friendship lets me see the world outside Australia.” Sarah


"Through photos I have almost been able to experience another culture” Elizabeth


"Foto Friendship lets me see the world outside Australia.” Roma


“It’s important to understand how other people live compared to us as it helps us realise what we take for granted.” Brodie


“A photograph is so small yet says so much.” Olivia

You can view some of work from Winmalee High School, in Gallery | solo 4 and Gallery | group 3 on our galleries page.